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About Us

Basic Information

Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (IDSAI) was founded in 2018, with members from the United States, Italy, Singapore, Netherlands, Montenegro, Portugal, Austria, South Africa, Bangladesh, Thailand, Serbia, Romania, Poland, Greece, Egypt, Malaysia, Australia, South Korea, Bulgaria, UAE, Lithuania, Canada, Turkey, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Japan Hungary, Jordan, Ethiopia, France, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago, Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Germany, Morocco, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Albania, China, etc.

IDSAI is a brotherhood society of the International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI), which is committed to promoting the development of data science and artificial intelligence. Among them, data science includes: natural science data, engineering science data, social science data; artificial intelligence includes: Computer Science and technology, information and communication engineering, control science and engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic science and technology, surveying and Mapping Science and technology and other disciplines and their applications.

At present, IDSAI has two official academic conferences, which are held every two years, and scholars from more than 20 countries have been invited to participate in the conferences.

IETI Presidents: http://www.idsai.org/about/Presidents.aspx

IDSAI Fellows: http://www.idsai.org/memberships/Fellows.aspx

IDSAI Members: http://www.idsai.org/memberships/Members.aspx

IDSAI Official Journal: Soft Computing and Electrical Engineering

IDSAI Official Conferences:
International Conference on Data and Intelligent Science and Technology
International Symposium on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Executive Committee
Board of Directors
Board of Supervisors
Address: Hong Kong and Denver, USA   
Phone:  +852-5607-9095 (Hong Kong); +1-323-908-8554 (USA)
Email:  INFO@IDSAI.ORG (General Inquiries)
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