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The BS's principal responsibility is to supervise IDSAI.

The requirements of the Members of Board of Supervisor for 2023 and beyond are as follows: 1. The applicant should be a professor or researcher from a well-known university. 2. The applicant plays a crucial role in team development. 3. The applicant actively supports team activities. 4. In the one year, scholars from a region/university, cannot exceed 50%. 5. An applicant can only apply for one position in a society (IETI or IRIEM or IDSAI), and duplicate applications will not be considered.

Board of Supervisors President

Prof. Dr. Hans Jurgen Hoyer  

George Mason University  /  USA

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Board of Supervisors
Address: Hong Kong and Denver, USA   
Phone:  +852-5607-9095 (Hong Kong); +1-323-908-8554 (USA)
Email:  INFO@IDSAI.ORG (General Inquiries)
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